Goorlils, Pindan & Bluebone

Goorlils, Pindan and Bluebone.

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Abbott treats so many things like ‘crises’ in Australia - border security, debt, carbon tax, Labor. Here’s what I consider real crises in Australia that deserve all the front pages until they’re sorted: child protection (ie. domestic abuse, foster care etc), mental illness care; disability care; old age care; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage; asylum seeker treatment; climate change.

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I am not a fashion tip kinda girl and I am really crap at blow drying my hair. Until I started using my boot! It makes drying my thick hair hands free and HEAPS easier. Consider yourself tipped!

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Anonymous asked: Have you seen the photoset helakui made up of aboriginal people from google images with the caption: "helakui: I don’t think that the Aboriginals in Australia get half as much attention that they deserve! An entire, thriving culture is going unnoticed and it’s important that we appreciate it :)" it made my skin crawl bc it sounds so patronising and belittling, not to mention racist - should we call her out?

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Okay, so I just saw it and I totally agree… That post completely homogenizes and groups all of our cultures and languages into one. And yess!! Those images that they used are so generic it’s not even funny. I’m definitely going to call them out because talking about us as though we’re babies in need of nurturing is really gross…

They are amazing!  Their people migrated out of Africa between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago and haven’t change much since settling in Austraila. We can learn so much from them if we are willing to listen.

Ummm, yeah. I’m pretty sure we’ve changed a bit in 70,000 years…

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Anonymous asked: Why are so many Tumblr linguists raging leftists?





Why do you overgeneralize anonymously without anything even remotely resembling facts?

equalssquarebracket hat gesagt:
 I like to think its true (not the anon).

I can’t speak for (the) others, but for me it’s “raging” because I cannot stay calm when I read/watch the news. 

I cannot fathom why so many people think it’s an insult to call someone “a person who cares about society and wants to improve it”, because that’s basically it. 

Oh, because for such people it would be an insult, i suppose.